Mandy Damirali

Hello, I am Mandy Damirali, Creative Director, heading creative and production at the THE DESIGN since 2008. With 12+ years in the field of visual communication, along with a number of experienced partners ( typographers, bookbinders, web developers, copywriters), I create graphic design solutions that stand out from clients' competition and make strong positive impact.

As a designer my aim is to create visually the best possible look for a product or service.


Mandy Damirali

T +30 6972402039 @ info(at)



Art Direction, Creative Direction, Graphic Design

Quality of the final outcome and offering various solutions according to every client's needs. Undertake from the development of an idea to its final design and production. Provide services on design and print for companies, shops and organizations. Consistently offer, innovative and creative solutions equally for print and digital communication.